SDR Platform
C1056B: 4x4 MIMO, 112MHz BW
Support up to 16x16 MIMO,
Frequency band: 70MHz ~ 6GHz,
TX EVM > -30dB, IMRR > 50dB...
is a very flexible soft-defined radio (SDR) platform for communications system development and verification of 5G sub-6GHz or Wi-Fi. 
C1056B SDR platform provides very useful MATLAB/C++ APIs and lots of example codes for communications to help to quickly and easily build up a full-function communication system.

User can very easily transmit and receive raw I/Q data by C1056B SDR platform so it can be easily implemented as
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Signal analyzer
  • Vector network analyzer
  • Algorithm developments
  • OAI 4G/5G communication system
  • Channel measurements
  • Dual-link real-time sub-6GHz radio transmission, e. g., NR, LTE, Wi-Fi, BT, NFC. 
Besides, C1056B SDR platform can connect to any 5G or M3FORCE mmWave FE module to transmit and receive 5G NR signal and perform beamforming and beam tracking in mmWave band. With the M3FORCE mmWave FE module, C1056B SDR platform can further be implemented as
  • 5G NR mmWave communication system
  • mmWave near-field measurement (with automatic ​planar scanner)

  • Transmission structure:  4×4 MIMO (Support up to 16x16 MIMO)
  • Max. bandwidth:  112MHz
  • Frequency band:  70MHz ~ 6GHz
  • Tx EVM >=-30 dB
  • IMRR >= 50 dB
  • Tx monitor (dynamic range with 1 dB accuracy) >= 66 dB
  • Initial frequency tolerance (at + 25°c):  +-0.3 ppm
  • Frequency stability (over -40°c ~ +85°c):  +-0.28 ppm
  • Frequency step resolution by DAC: 10 ppb/step